François Pérusse

François Pérusse’s career is a little like that of a world-class athlete; always evolving and filled with a long list of records and accomplishments. Comedian, writer, musician and audio clip creator, François Pérusse has done it all over the course of his 27-year career. His unbridled imagination and desire to create still drive him after all these years, with no sign of letting up, as he continues to add to his already impressive résumé: over 3000 Les 2 minutes du people radio capsules, 13 albums (over 2 million sold), a DVD (100000 sold), 120 radio and TV ads (Petro-Canada, Oasis France, Olymel), and the TV series Le Spécial du people (15 episodes), La Série du people (15 episodes), Le JourNul (360 episodes), On s’écoute parler (104 episodes), Pérusse Cité (23 episodes), La tite chambre (120 episodes), as well as comedy audio clips for the Las Vegas production of Cirque du Soleil’s The Beatles Love.

Add to this a myriad of awards, such as: 10 Félix awards, 7 Oliviers, 1 Juno, 5 Gémaux, 13 awards and citations in advertising, (including the Mondial d’Or and the ACCT Grand Prize in Marrakesh), 3 Cortex Academy awards for Animation Short Screenplay and 7 Ruban d’ors from the Canadian Association of Broadcasters.

His generosity is matched only by his fans’ enduring devotion. His YouTube channel, lefrancoisperusse has received over 28 million views to date, and whether it be radio or television, in Canada or in Europe, ratings soar when his segments air. His TV and radio campaigns have created a precedent in the advertising world, and rank among the public’s favorites.

The Just for Laughs Festival honored him during a TVA ceremony in 2015 which was well-received by audience and critics alike. He won 2 Felix trophies at the 2016 Adisq awards for L’Album du people, vol. 10, 25 years after the release of the first volume. In the fall of 2017, he began work on the 4th season of La tite chambre, on RDS. His most recent album, Best Ove, and a double Pérusse-themed expansion to the popular Québec game L’Osti d’Jeu were released on November 10th, 2017.

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Yvon Barrette (Denis Lemieux)

Yvon Barrette is a professional actor from Alma. He is chiefly known for his role as goaltender Denis Lemieux in the 1977 movie Slapshot. He studied at the École Nationale de Théâtre, but, believing that greater emphasis should be put on Québecois creations, left before the school year ended in 1969 in protest of that institution’s overly classical approach to theatre.


15 février 1839 (2001) as Osias Primeau

Panique (1977)

Slap Shot (1977) as Denis Lemieux

Parlez-nous d'amour (1976) as Petite Pègre

Jos Carbone (1976) as Jos Carbone

Bingo (1974) as a revolutionary

Les corps célestes (1973) (Eng: The Heavenly Bodies) as Lorenzo

Les allées de la terre (1973)

La vraie nature de Bernadette (1972) as St-Luc

Allan Nicholls (Johnny Upton)

Allan F. Nicholls is a BAFTA and WGA award nominated veteran of the film industry having produced, directed, acted, and composed music for the past forty years. He is most noted for his collaborations with Robert Altman, Tim Robbins, and John Madden.

Often performing multiple roles for a film, his experiences include associate producer and assistant director on Oscar nominated Dead Man Walking (1995), assistant director on the Oscar nominated The Player (1992), executive producer and assistant director for the Palme d’Or nominated Cradle Will Rock (1999), and associate producer on the Golden Globe nominated Bob Roberts (1992).

His television experience includes, amongst others, being an associate director on Saturday Night Live (1989-91) and first assistant director on both Tanner ’88 (1988) and Tanner on Tanner (2004). He co-wrote A Perfect Couple (1979) and the BAFTA nominated A Wedding (1978), both directed by Robert Altman. He has also taught screenwriting at Burlington College, NYU’s Tisch Asia School of The Arts (Singapore) and served as the Artistic Director of New York Film Academy- Abu Dhabi Campus in the UAE.

To Allan’s credit too is a five-year Broadway career in several rock musicals including Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar along with his roles in such films as Nashville (1975), Slap Shot (1977), and Popeye (1980).

Raymond Rougeau

Raymond Rougeau’s career as a professional wrestling spanned over 15 years, during which he worked for a number of promotions, including Les As de la Lutte, Montreal-based International Wrestling, and of course, the WWF (now WWE). After hanging up his boots, he moved behind the mic, working as an interviewer and commentator for the WWE until the early 2000s.

In 2017, after a long absence, he returned to his role as commentator for the WWE, covering special events on the WWE Network. In addition to his career in professional wrestling, he is also involved in municipal politics, and holds a seat on the Rawdon city council.


After years of studying and working in the field of animation, Boum tried her hand at comic books and was hooked! She is known mainly for her auto-biographical comic, Boumeries, as well as La Petite Révolution, which was first published by Front Froid in 2012, and is now available in English through Soaring Penguin Press as of November 2017. Her work has been nominated for numerous prizes over the years: Bédelys, Expozine, Joe Schuster, and Ignatz awards… She is currently working on a number of comic book-related projects as well as illustrating children’s books.

Jérémie Larouche

A 2010 graduate of the École nationale de l’humour, Jérémie does what he likes best : Goofing off! In 2014, he took part in “En route vers mon premier Gala” (“On the Road to my First Show”), and performed his first 60-minute show at the Zoofest, which earned him the Media Choice award, as well as Comedian of the Year and Best Solo Show at the Gala de la Relève. He was host of Superhero Fridays on Télétoon, and commentator on Ce Show with Mike ward on Musique Plus. He has been a regular commentator for the past two years on Trucs & Cie, airing on Vtélé. He can also be seen on Mercredis Juste pour rire, at the Comediha! and the Zoofest. His writing skills were put to the task for Emmanuel Bilodeau’s One Manu Show.

With a background in humanities, theatre, and 15 years of improv, Jérémie is a big kid at heart who will draw you into a wonderful world of imagination and storytelling featuring multi-media, stand-up, choreography, puppetry, music and absurd humour! Be sure to catch his show, La Saga des étoiles, a 60-minute send up of the Star Wars movies, which was named Zoofest Favorite in 2016.


Kaguesna est une cosplayeuse québécoise, qui a découvert l'art du cosplay depuis 2013. Elle adore créer par elle-même ses costumes et ses accessoires, en rajoutant son grain de sel unique pour les détails, dans les concepts de personnages de base. Un défi de grande taille ne lui fait pas froid aux yeux : c'est ce qui la motive à pousser plus loin.

Kaguesna a gagné 3 prix différents en 2017 pour son cosplay de Sylvanas Windrunner : Meilleur cosplay, Meilleure armure (Catégorie Artisan) et Meilleure réaction du public (Catégorie Artisan). Ce costume est sa plus grande fierté jusqu'à aujourd'hui ! D'autres projets pour le futur viendront-ils détrônner ce costume ayant une importante place dans son coeur ? À suivre !


Après avoir travaillé durant plus de deux ans sur son projet, l’auteur Dany Giroux publie avec l’aide de sa femme L’alliance; Le monde a besoin de héros. L’histoire raconte l’aventure d’un justicier qui protège la ville de Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu en Montérégie.

C’est en 2015 à Québec que Maxime Lamy Landry se joint à l’équipe en tant qu’illustrateur, ensemble l’équipe produira les tomes 2 et 3 de L’alliance.

Aujourd’hui, L’alliance peut vous présentez sa première trilogie, une bande dessiné 100% québécoises aux allures de comic book américain. Humour, action et suspense sont au rendez-vous, venez suivre les récits de ce qui a commencé par un rêve de jeunesse et qui c’est retrouvé sur les tablettes des librairies québécoises.

Embarquez avec nous et devenez L’alliance!

Bertrand Hébert

Bertrand Hébert has been involved in professional wrestling for over 20 years. He is the co-author of Pat Patterson’s autobiography, Accepted, as well as the Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon biography, Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs, which was named the wrestling world’s Book of the Year in 2013. He also co-wrote the Québec best-seller, À la Semaine Prochaine si Dieu le Veut with Pat Laprade, with whom he is currently working on an André the Giant biography.

Monsieur Reptile

Son entreprise zoologique, vous propose des activités éducatives axées sur la science naturelle qui étudie les reptiles et leur univers avec des services d’animations scolaires, d'anniversaires et d’expositions animalières. Monsieur Reptile, accompagné de ses reptiles et de son équipe d'animaliers qualifiés, met tout en oeuvre pour vous offrir des activités éducatives à propos des reptiles mais aussi sur l’importance de leur milieux naturel. Depuis plusieurs années ils se déplacent partout dans la province du Québec pour vous présenter des animaux tels que serpents géants, lézards, tortues et crocodiles.

En 2018, il sera aussi possible de visiter ses animaux dans un nouvel environnement situé au Cap-de-la-Madeleine (3-Rivières).

Le zoo de Monsieur Reptile, c’est découvrir la beauté de ces animaux méconnus et leur univers fascinant!

Pat Laprade

Pat Laprade has been involved in professional wrestling for over 15 years. He is the co-host of the TVA Sports French-language WWE Raw broadcast and co-author of Sisterhood of the Squared Circle, which chronicles the history of women’s wrestling. He is an associate producer of an HBO documentary about André the Giant, which will air in the spring.

He is currently working with Bertrand Hebert on an André the Giant biography.

Atriana Reeves ZE-THER

The ZE-THER Universe

The world of ZE-THER will be at Shawicon as part of the promotional tour for Atriana Reeve’s second novel, Le jour du dépassement, recently released at the Salon du livre, and published by Lumigny and Distribution Prologue. A similar appearance at the Montreal Comiccon had caused quite a stir, and was even mentioned in the Journal de Montreal.

Fans will be soon be able to follow the sci-fi adventures of ZE-THER online as part of a webseries currently under development, starring talented actors and stuntmen Marc-André Brisebois (Suicide Squad- Days 6, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Immortals, John Wick 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, Spiderman) and Marc-André Boulanger (Enforcers, Brick Mansion, X-Men: Apocalypse, Bad Santa 2). In the vein of The Matrix, or The Hunger Games, ZE-THER: The Beginning will explore the origins of the characters of this series, and is due out in late 2018.

Author and creator of this futuristic universe, Atriana Reeves couldn’t more pleased with these projects. “Through my writing, I want to make readers aware of the current dangers threatening our planet. Our carelessness, consumerism and the way we interact with each other must change. Our society must return to its original values of love, kinship, and collaboration. I am happy to share my vision of the world across these different platforms.”

To keep up with these projects, or to find out about future promotional events featuring the world of ZE-THER, visit Atriana Reeves’ Facebook page.

Source : Jo ROZ

Dans la tête de François

(François St-Martin et Marc Bruneau)

Welcome inside François’ head, a world of play on words and humorous observations which comes to life on the comic book page!

Whether it’s politics, sports, the weather, current events or just daily life, François is an avid people watcher and philosopher who shares his opinions on just about everything. A likeable character with a dry wit and sense of humour, François came to life on the web in 2015. Created by Shawinigan natives François St-Martin (author) and Marc Bruneau (artist), Dans la Tête de François is published on social media. Two books and a host of related merchandise are also available.

Frederic Auln

Shawinigan native Frederic-Vivianne Auln is an emerging graphic novelist. One of his novels, Hillerød, won the Jury Prize at the 2016 Bédélys Awards, and another, Ste-Justine, was a 2017 finalist.

Active on the Quebec self-publishing scene since 2010, his novels often touch on the relationships between people. From novels to biographies and non-fiction, his novels range from 8 to 120 pages, and are intended for a wide range of audiences and interests, including princesses and geek décor!


Depuis 2011, Luduc est désormais reconnu comme étant un reporter faisant le tour des conventions. Ce youtubeur compte à son actif plus d’une centaine de reportages et la réalisation de deux webséries. Luduc a connu de grands moments forts lors d’entrevues en présence de personnalités comme Le joueur du grenier, Didier Lucien, Benzaie et Nostalgic Critic.

En 2016, il devint collaborateur pour la section « Pèse sur Start » du Journal de Montréal. Son but reste le même tout au long de ses projets : informer tout en faisant rire les gens!



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